Venetian 25mm & 50mm

Aluminum blinds are made with a strong epoxy coating for added durability. All the pins and rollers are made from stainless steel or brass and the cords, tapes, head and bottom rails are colour matched.

The blinds are supplied with all brackets and fixing materials.

Wood look blinds are supplied with matching wooden bottom rails and valances and either wooden wands or tassels

  • The venetian blind is an elegant, practical solution for light control at both office and home.
  • Blind widths are 25mm and 50mm.
  • Blinds comprise aluminium slats covered with a strong epoxy coating.
  • All pins and rollers are made from stainless steel and brass to prevent rusting (although this cannot always be guaranteed near the coast).
  • Cords, ladder, head and bottom rails are colour coded to match the slats.
  • Blinds are issued complete with the appropriate installation brackets, moulded plastic- (25mm) or plated metal- (50mm) hold-down brackets (on request) are also supplied
  • Tilting of slats to any desired angle is activated with a clear hard plastic wand through the tilter gear on a 25mm blind or cords on the 50mm blind.
  • A draw cord is used to pull the blind up and down. Only operate the lift controls once the slats are in an open horizontal position.
  • The 50mm venetian blind is becoming increasingly popular and enhances the latest décor trends.
  • The aluminium wood look blind is an exciting product as an alternative to real wood. The trimmings consist of a real wooden valance, bottom rail, wand and toggle thus give the blind an authentic look at minimal cost.
  • The 50mm wood look venetian with standard wood trimmings can be fitted into large windows and doorways with ease as they are far lighter than wood, easy to handle and stack higher. These blinds have become almost as popular as the real thing with the added advantage of being suitable for damp and wet areas.
  • Please note that venetian blinds are made for light control. It is possible to see between the slats at certain angles.
  • Extremely long blinds do not close as snugly as the more normal sizes.
  • To clean an aluminium blind thoroughly: remove it from the window, secure it on a wash line and rinse with car wash ‘n wax liquid. Wait for the blind to dry then clip back into place. Do not pull the blind up whilst it is still wet.
  • Slats can also be wiped down with a damp cloth on a regular basis.
  • Silver, gold, pure aluminium and exotic coloured slats are not recommended for coastal or damp areas and the warranty does not cover them in these conditions.
  • Blinds damaged due to incorrect handling are not covered by the guarantee.


Wooden Blinds 50mm

  • Real wooden Venetian blinds, made from the finest Bass wood, are a natural and beautiful window covering solution and will enhance the décor of any room.
  • The natural characteristic of wood lends itself to variations in colour, grain and texture.
  • Real wooden blinds are not guaranteed against a natural tendency to warp if used in humid or wet areas and care must be taken not to install them in areas where ventilation is poor.
  • Blinds kept in a retracted position when windows are fully open near the sea,  will be protected from the build-up of salty deposits more easily.
  • When cleaning, other than normal regular dusting, gently wipe the slats with a soft cloth and furniture polish. The blind should be completely dry before being pulled up.
  • Never clean a wooden blind with thinners based solvents as these could remove the varnish on the slats and cause irreparable damage.
  • Our blinds are supplied with colour co-ordinated strings and accessories.
  • The head rail is supplied with a wooden valance which further enhances the blind.
  • Wooden venetian blinds do not totally blackout light. Blinds close sufficiently to ensure privacy but will allow some light into the room.
  • Blinds that are unusually long may not close snugly at the bottom.
  • Slats must be tilted to the open horizontal position before being retracted.
  • As dye lots vary it is advisable to order all the blinds for a room at the same time.
  • Even though treated with UV protection wooden blinds may fade over a period of time especially on darker colours.
  • Blinds damaged by incorrect handling and maintenance will not be covered by the guarantee.


Vertical Blinds

Wide range of colours, patterns and textures available. Practical and economical .

  • Vertical blinds are a practical solution for just about any application. They are affordable and attractive and come in a wide range of colours. The blinds can be partially opened or closed for light control.
  • Vertical blinds are also available in block-out fabrics.
  • Fabrics are made up of 100% polyester finished with an acrylic coating. The range of fabrics comprise of plain knitted fabrics and modern international designs in woven jacquards.
  • We provide two slat widths, 127mm (standard width) and 90mm.
  • White powder-coated aluminium is used for the head rails.
  • The vanes are stabilized with plastic ballast weights at the bottom of each vane which are linked with stabilizing chain. The blind is operated by a plastic control chain and cord with a weight enclosed in a white plastic holder.
  • Care must be taken to protect the vanes from wind damage.
  • Darker colours may have varying degrees of fading depending on the quality of fabric.


Roller Blinds

Available in sun filter, block out or sunscreen fabric to suite your desired decor.

  • Roller blinds can be used as a window treatment for shading or total sun block,
  • There is a wide range of fabrics available, from almost transparent to total block out.
  • The blind comprises of a fabric covered aluminium tube (32mm / 38mm) with a chain operated side control which allows for easy operation.
  • Roller blinds need to be guided by hand when being rolled up to prevent the fabric from twisting  and touching the brackets which can cause fraying or creasing.
  • There is a 25mm gap on the control side of the blind and a 10mm gap on the opposite side.


Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo is a stable, durable product and is great for someone looking for that natural, Eco friendly look.

  • Bamboo is a totally natural product and colour variations and irregularities are normal. Bowing and warping may occur.
  • Over time bamboo can change colour becoming lighter or darker depending on the ambient conditions, this is completely normal.
  • Bamboo blinds should not be installed in wet areas.
  • In the event that the blind does get wet ensure that it is completely dry before rolling it up.