Blinds Care

Venetian Blinds

Dust regularly to prevent stubborn dirt. Wipe dirty marks off with a wet cloth and mild detergent (car wash & wax). Regularly wash the slats off should you be near the sea. One can remove the blind and place on the grass and spray off with the hose. Dry blind off and re-hang in the window, never pull the blind up while it is still wet – allow drying fully. Do not use an ammonia or thinner-based product to clean the blind.

Wooden Blinds

Dust regularly. The blind may be cleaned with a soft cloth and a furniture polish, (eg. Mr Min). This should be sprayed on the cloth and then rubbed onto the wooden slat. Never use an abrasive or thinner-based product.

Vertical Blinds

Firstly vacuum all dust off the vanes. Should they require harder cleaning, soak vanes in cool water with mild soap powder. Rub lightly for stubborn stains. Rinse and drain most of the water off and hang in shaded window to dry. Do not lubricate the track with any oily substance. A tin of lubricating spray can be purchased from our office.

Roller Blinds

Vacuum dust off. Wipe dirty marks with soft wet cloth and mild detergent.


Dust regularly. If blinds get damp and are not dried promptly MOULD may grow, especially if they are rolled up while still damp.